Bomb Derby is Mario's third Bros. Attack in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It can be learned after collecting all of the Attack Pieces of Driftwood Shore. It costs 9 Bros. Points (BP).


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

It is used by Luigi, by flicking the 3DS Stick.svg.png to the right, allowing him to hurl bombs at Mario. Then Mario whacks them with his hammer by pressing 3DS A.svg.png. Mario finishes the attack by hitting the final bomb, which is larger than the others, but the damage is still the same. If the action takes too long, the remaining bombs in Luigi's hand will all explode. Hitting 5, 7, 9 and 12 bombs will result in a "OK!", "Good!", "Great!" and "Excellent!" rating respectively.

The attack tends toward one target, but there is a random chance for the bombs to jump "off-target" and hit a different enemy.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Bomb Derby returns in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, once again being used by Mario. It works exactly the same as the attack in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, but the bombs now deal fire damage to their victims and the last one deals more damage.