Bomb Barge is a Free-for-All minigame found in Mario Party 9.


In a toxic river environment, players fall from the sky onto the floating raft. The minigame starts, as the main objective of the mini-game is staying on the raft as long as possible. Meanwhile, Bob-ombs spawn on the raft to serve its purpose as an obstacle. The players attempt to kick the Bob-ombs away for safety. However, if a player is impacted by a Bob-omb explosion, they will be knocked and blasted a distance, possibly or possibly not off the raft. Players are able to jump on other players in order to serve a disadvantage to the victim and slow them down. Winners include when the mini-game ends if there is only one player left, or players who've made through with the 60-second time limit.


  • +Control Pad - Move
  • Two Button - Jump