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Boggly Woods is a location in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It serves as one of the main settings for Chapter 2.


Boggly Woods is a pale forest except for the multi-colored ground. The Great Tree is located directly in the middle of the forest and Madame Flurrie's house is located at the end of the forest.


Mario and company, along with Punio, head into Boggly Woods. Punio takes Mario to The Great Tree to help deal with the X-Nauts. As Mario and his partner walk by, they see the Shadow Sirens; who are looking for Mario. Beldam argues with Vivian for finding a necklace without informing her but Marilyn notices Mario. Beldam ignores Marilyn and continues to argue with Vivian while Mario and the rest head for The Great Tree. However, once they get there, a door with a lock has been placed, and Punio tells Mario that Flurrie will be able to help out. Mario then presses on forward to Flurrie's house, but she doesn't want to come out due to her losing her necklace. Remembering, Mario heads back to where the Shadow Sirens are and defeats them in a battle to get the necklace. Mario then takes it back to Flurrie who awards him with a kiss (much to his disdain), and she joins his party.


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