"My name is Boddle... Younger brother of the legendary soda maker. As you can see, I'm rich enough to own my own theater. I also happen to be president of the Yoshi Fan Club."
― Boddle

Boddle (ボドール) is the owner of the Yoshi Theater and the president of the Yoshi Fan Club. He is usually a clad in a costume resembling a Yoshi egg. He is also the younger brother of Bubbles.


During the recovery of the Beanstar, the brothers found out a piece of the Beanstar fell through the theater and Boddle is using it as a mere decoration of the theater's front sign. However, Boddle will only give the Beanstar piece if the Mario brothers bring back seven Neon Eggs, which are laid by Yoshis when they are fed a Bean Fruit. Mario and Luigi retrieved the decorations for him and received one of the four Beanstar pieces.