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This article is about character of Mario Party Advance. You may be looking for enemy, Bob-omb.

"...Yo! I'm Bob-omb! Nice to meet ya!!"
― Bob-omb, Mario Party Advance

Bob-omb is a non-playable character in Super Mario Advance.

In Mario Party Advance

Bob-omb lives in Bob-omb Avenue in Shroom City at the Town Area. When the player entered his house, he asks the player if he wants to talk to him. If the player agrees, he keeps on talking but how he hangs out with the "Bob-omb crowd". He then asks the password, if the player knows the password, he will give them the Gaddget; but the player does not know the password. As a result, he gets irritated. However, he gives him advice of how to find the password by going to the Item Shop. The player looks for a password in the Item Shop and asks for a Bob-omb Toy Figure, the Paratroopa realizes that the player is one of them and he revealed the password ("Baboom"). Until the player returns to him, Bob-omb was curious if the player knew the password, Bob-omb was impressed and rewarded him the Gaddget.


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Title Description
Lives in town. Loves the word "Victory"! Belongs to a shadowy gang of some sort. He's very nice.
Find the Password


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