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A Bob-omb (ボム兵[?) (originally formatted as Bob-Omb) is a species found throughout the Mario series. It is a small bomb-shaped being that can create explosions by detonating itself or being detonated. They are living, moving explosive devices and are capable of walking around and igniting their own fuses. Their appearance, intelligence, and ally/enemy status differs widely from game to game.

Bob-ombs serve multiple roles in various games. In their most common appearances, they are enemies who explode upon being irritated, although they sometimes chase after Mario upon seeing him, they ignite their fuse upon seeing him exploding in a few seconds.

Super Mario series

Super Mario Bros. 2

Bob-omb Classic.gif

In Super Mario Bros. 2, black Bob-ombs are generic enemies that make frequent appearances. They light their fuse upon being provoked, often achieved by jumping on them. Depending on the game, they walk in a straight line or follow the player in an attempt to cause damage when they explode, which occurs shortly afterwards. Bob-ombs are frequently dropped by Albatosses. Mario and the others can stomp on a Bob-omb to ignite it's fuse and then carry it around before it explodes. If the Bob-omb explodes near them, they take damage.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Bob-omb NES.gif

Bob-ombs later appear in Super Mario Bros. 3 as semi-common enemies being the only enemy from the International version of Super Mario Bros. 2 to return in this game. In these games, Bob-ombs lack arms but have a wind-up key behind them making them appear more as a robot rather than a soldier. Bob-ombs can be stomped on to ignite their fuse and from there, can be carried and tossed at breakable objects which a Bob-omb's explosion can break. Bob-ombs can destroy most objects. Bob-ombs can also damage you by running into you. A Bob-omb can be defeated instantly with the effects of a Hammer Suit or a Starman other attacks will ignite their fuse instantly. Some Bob-ombs walk around while others can also be shot out of various cannons. Bob-ombs are most commonly found in Desert Land and Dark Land.

Super Mario World

Bob-omb Ignite.jpg

In Super Mario World, Bob-ombs are found all over, like Goombas and Green Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs tend to walk directly off edges. Bob-ombs can be instantly defeated with the effects of a Starman or a Cape Feather. Other attacks ignite their fuse which Mario must move away before they explode. A Bob-omb flashes pink before exploding. When stomped on, it will become stationary and lifeless, and can even be picked up with no danger until it explodes in the user's hands so make sure you're not holding it during this time. Yoshi can swallow a Bob-omb without any issue. A new type of Bob-omb also appears in this game called the Parabomb. These Bob-ombs descend from parachutes and resume the mission upon landing. Some Bob-ombs also appear floating in bubbles.

Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

A Bob-omb from Super Mario 64

Big Bob-omb tossing Bob-ombs at Yoshi during his battle.

Pink/Red Bob-ombs (known as Bob-omb Buddies) are friendly, and are found in Super Mario 64 among other games. They are known to give advice, open cannons for use, and operate various devices in an attempt to help Mario. In the first level, Bob-omb Battlefield, the pink/red Bob-ombs were locked in a war against the generic black Bob-ombs and their King, whom Mario had to destroy to get the game's first Power Star.

As enemies Bob-ombs mainly march around (much like the Goombas) but upon sight of Yoshi or Mario they ignite their fuses and chase after them in hopes of knocking away some of their health when they explode. Yoshi can swallow a Bob-omb and Mario (or Luigi or Wario) can grab a Bob-omb and then toss it causing it to explode immediately releasing a Coin. The leader of the Bob-ombs appropriately named Big Bob-omb is fought on the mountaintop. Bob-ombs can be found in the courses Bob-omb Battlefield, Shifting Sand Land, Tall, Tall Mountain, Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, Bowser in the Fire Sea, and Bowser in the Sky. Large sub-types of Bob-ombs called Chuckyas also appear.

In Super Mario 64 DS, the Bob-ombs are the same as they were previously however this time, Big Bob-omb also uses them as a weapon against the heroes and they must somehow launch them back at him. Bob-ombs also appear in the new course The Secret Of Battle Fort. Bob-ombs also rain down from the sky in new missions "Big Bob-omb's Revenge" and "Tick Tock Silver Stars" from Bob-omb Battlefield and Tick Tock Clock respectively. Bob-ombs can also spawn from some ? Blocks. Certain ? Blocks if hit by Mario will spawn a Bob-omb which will explode shortly after being released. A Bob-omb can also spawn from a ? Block if Mario, Luigi, or Wario are capless upon hitting it (due to not wearing a Cap, Yoshi is the only character that can't spawn a Bob-omb from these blocks). Bob-ombs are also seen in the minigames Bob-omb Squad (as a Parabomb) and Sort or 'Splode.

Super Mario Sunshine

The Bob-ombs from Super Mario Sunshine

Bob-ombs Reappear in a new electronic form in Super Mario Sunshine. They only appear when Monty Moles throw them and in King Boo's lair when he spits them out. If Mario sprays water at them, they turn blue, allowing Mario to pick them up and throw them. Bob-ombs will explode if near Mario so avoid them. Bob-ombs are usually required for destroying the Monty Mole's guarding the tanks. Bob-ombs appear in Pinna Park, Sirena Beach, and Noki Bay.

Super Princess Peach

Bob-omb Clouds.gif

Bob-ombs are back in Super Princess Peach where they behave as they did in past games. Bob-ombs commonly march towards Peach. Bob-ombs are pretty weak enemies in this game and can have their fuses ignited with a stomp which causes them to explode seconds later. Peach can pick up a lit Bob-omb to toss at other foe or object. Bob-ombs can instantly be defeated with the Rage Vibe or being whacked with Perry. Bob-ombs appear in all of the games Worlds. The Parabombs also appear in this game. Additionally, some new colorful sub-types of Bob-ombs can also be seen, these include the skipping Glad Bob-omb and even the flighty Glad Parabomb.

New Super Mario Bros.

A Bob-omb from New Super Mario Bros.

Bob-Ombs appear in New Super Mario Bros. as common enemies found in caverns and skies. When stomped on, they will sit still, glowing red, and after few seconds, explode, causing Mario. When glowing red, Bob-Ombs can be carried and thrown by the player. Their explosions can defeat other enemies as well as break Brick Blocks, Ice, and other objects that are normally unbreakable. Bob-Ombs can be ignited immediately with the effects of the Fire Flower, to instantly destroy a Bob-Omb without having it explode, the effects of a Blue Shell, Starman, or Mega Mushroom can do that. Bob-Ombs appear in both alternate world levels World 4-5, World 7-5. They are also used as a weapon by Monty Tank during his boss battle. Unlike the 3D games, Bob-ombs can do damage by merely touching them. A sub-species of Bob-omb called Kab-omb also appears very late in the game in World 8-8.

Super Mario Galaxy

A Bob-omb marching towards Mario in Super Mario Galaxy.

Bob-ombs appear in Super Mario Galaxy as uncommon enemies found in various tech-station Galaxies such as the Battlerock Galaxy and the Dreadnought Galaxy. They bobble around their general areas but as soon as they see Mario (or Luigi) they ignite their fuses and slowly march towards him in hopes of catching him in their large explosion. A Bob-omb can be jumped on or spun at to be stopped and from there can be picked up and tossed anywhere. This tactic can be used to break open metal cages and reveal items. Bombs are more common in this game and serve as an immobile alternative to Bob-ombs.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Several Bob-ombs on Mario's platform (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

Bob-ombs return in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (alongside the Parabombs) behaving as they did previously but this time, Bob-ombs can also be lauched from cannons rather than just merely walking along the terrain. The Bob-ombs can be stomped to ignite their fuses and then picked up and tossed at breakable objects before they explode (this tactic is usually required to obtain Star Coins). Bob-ombs can be destroyed instantly with a Shell or a Starman and can be frozen with the effects of the Ice Flower or Penguin Suit. Bob-ombs appear in various Airships and are also found in World 4, World 5, World 7, World 8, and World 9. Parabombs also appear in this game also being shot from Cannons.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

A Bob-omb underneath the glass following Luigi above. (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Bob-Ombs return in Super Mario Galaxy 2 once again being uncommon. They are commonly found in Galaxies such as the Space Storm Galaxy and behave the same as they did previously. Bob-Ombs once again can be lured to break open certain objects. Spinning into a Bob-Omb will stop it allowing it to be picked up and tossed from there. The Bombs however don't reappear in this game. The Bob-Omb Buddies return in this game once again being allies.

Super Mario 3D Land

A Bob-omb on an Airship in Super Mario 3D Land.

Bob-ombs return in Super Mario 3D Land this time commonly being found on Airships. They ignite their fuses upon seeing Mario and slowly walk after him attempting to catch him in their explosion. They can be stunned before they explode as well. Tail Bob-ombs also appear as enemies slowly descending from the sky. Bob-ombs can't damage you on their own and the only way a Bob-omb can be brought down is waiting for it to explode.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Bob-ombs as seen in New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Bob-ombs and Parabombs return in New Super Mario Bros. 2. They are commonly fired from cannons and can be used to break open stone blocks to reach secret areas and Star Coins. Bob-ombs can still damage you by touching them and stomping on them will ignite their fuse allowing you to toss them at a stone wall before they explode. The only way to defeat a Bob-omb instantly is with the effects of the Gold Flower, Starman, or the Invincibility Leaf. Bob-ombs are also among the few enemies to not be affected by the Gold Ring. They first appear in World 2 and from there also appear in World Mushroom, World 4, World Flower, World 5, World 6, and World Star.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Bob-ombs as seen in the Bowser Jr. boss fight in New Super Mario Bros. U.

Bob-ombs and Parabombs return in New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe where they behave as they did in previous games being commonly found in Castles and Airships. Bob-ombs once again can be stomped to ignite their fuse and pick them up and toss them at stone blocks. Bob-ombs can also be frozen with the Ice Flower or Penguin Suit and defeated instantly with the Starman. Bob-ombs are also used as a primary weapon of Bowser Jr. during two of his boss fights. Bob-ombs are commonly found at the latter parts of the games.

Super Mario 3D World/Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

A Bob-omb from Super Mario 3D World.

Bob-ombs return in Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury as uncommon enemies. They are frequently seen on Tank Fleets and behave the same as they did in Super Mario 3D Land. Commonly, Bob-ombs are required for breaking open certain objects to get Green Stars. A Bob-omb cannot hurt you on it's own and it cannot be defeated until it explodes.

Super Mario Maker/Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS/Super Mario Maker 2

The Bob-ombs in the Super Mario Bros. style of Super Mario Maker.

In Super Mario Maker and it's two sequels, Bob-Ombs appear as enemies players can place in their levels, serving the function as they did in the New Super Mario Bros. games. When placed in a Koopa Clown Car, Bowser will throw Bob-Ombs at Mario. Bob-Ombs can be given a Super Mushroom to become a Mega Bob-omb or wings to become a Winged Bob-omb. They can be destroyed completely with the effects of a Starman.

Super Mario Run

Bob-ombs seen during the final boss battle with Bowser in Super Mario Run.

In Super Mario Run, Bob-Ombs only appear during the final boss as Bowser throws these at Mario. When vaulting over them, the player must tap on the Bob-Ombs to kick them back at Bowser, this is the key to defeating Bowser.

Mario Party series

A Bob-omb on the Party Vehicle as seen in Mario Party 9.

Throughout the Mario Party series, they appear in many mini-games. In Mario Party, both red and black Bob-ombs appear on the board Wario's Battle Canyon where both sides are at war. However, it is resolved by the Superstar at then end. Bob-bombs also appears as partners in Mario Party 3 where one serves as Wario's main partner. One also appears in Mario Party 4 to announce that a Battle Minigame is about to happen, replacing Goomba from the previous game. In Mario Party 5, they appear in orbs to throw to another space. If you step on that space, you'll lose coins. They also appear in the 4 player mini-game Dodge Bomb as an item to throw and in another 4 player mini-game called Rumble Fumble, where they are an obstacle to the players. A weapon in super dual mode is called Bob-omb Cannon, which shoots Bob-bombs. Another weapon in super dual mode is Bob-bomb wall, which is a very secret weapon. Bob-omb has been in most of the other Mario games alongside Goomba and Koopa. Typically, they are in mini-games as something to avoid or throw at other people. Although the Bob-ombs are known to be hostile, nobody seems to know why or how. They are commonly seen as servants to Bowser and even the other various villains in the series.

Mario Kart series

A Bob-omb from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

The Bob-omb is one of the items obtainable from Item Boxes. It can be thrown ahead of or behind you, only to explode when someone drives past it. If no one drives by within a few seconds, it will explode on its own. Anyone caught in the blast will be spun out briefly or will make the kart flip and the item thrower to be dragged. Bob-ombs first appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, as Wario and Waluigi's Special Item.

This item is normally obtained if you are in 2nd-6th place. Bob-ombs also star in their own Battle game in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Bob-omb Blast. In this game, drivers go through item boxes that only have Bob-ombs. Each kart can carry up to 10 (5 for each character on the kart). The Bob-ombs function the same way they do in races, and the players throw Bob-ombs at each other to gain points.

After Double Dash!!, Bob-ombs have appeared as regular items ever since.

Super Smash Bros. series

Bob-ombs play the role as contact grenades in the Super Smash Bros. series. When a Bob-omb makes


contact with a player (or players), it will deal 30% damage with high knockback. When sitting for about 5 seconds, the Bob-omb will walk around on its own for about ten more seconds before exploding by itself. When near a ledge, a Bob-omb may even fall off and explode once hitting the ground.

Paper Mario series

Paper Mario

A Bob-omb as seen in Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, friendly Bob-ombs can be seen living in Koopa Village. After a few of them escaped from Koopa Bros. Fortress, they lived up in the small town. Two Bob-ombs can be seen blowing up in Kooper's house and can be stopped by doing one of Koopa Koot's favors. The enemies appear in the Koopa Bros. Fortress where they serve under the Koopa Bros.. In battle, the Bob-ombs mainly attack by jumping into Mario. However, if the Bob-ombs are attacked, they will turn red attempting to explode on the next turn. Mario must be careful not to attack them directly or he'll take high damage. This can be easily dealt with using Kooper's Power Shell technique.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

A Bob-omb from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the enemies and allies return once again. Most of the friendly Bob-ombs can be seen living in Fahr Outpost with the Fahr Outpost in charge. More Bob-ombs live in Poshley Heights and a few more can be seen in areas. Admiral Bobbery is the oldest Bob-omb in the game and is one of Mario's partners. Pa-Patch and the other ship-loving Bob-ombs can be seen on Keelhaul Key. And, although he is part of a team, Master Crash is another Bob-omb who competes at the Glitz Pit of Glitzville where he is the leader of the Bob-omb Squad. As for the enemies, the first time Bob-ombs are fought is Master Crash's team in Glitzville. The Bob-ombs are little more stronger now having with all of its stats increased by 1 since the last game. More Bob-ombs can be fought in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Bob-ombs from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Bob-ombs are first seen in Goomba Fortress where they rain down from the sky. Mario must actually use the Bob-omb to destroy certain gates to proceed. Bob-ombs are also seen at Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla as regular enemies. In battle, they act much the same as in the previous games. Bob-ombs are also used as attacks by Bowser Jr.. Shiny Bob-ombs also appear in this game.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, Bob-Ombs reappear as enemies, only appearing Bowser's Black Paint Factory. Big Bob-Ombs make their debut in this game, as Mario needs to awaken a sleeping Mega Bob-Omb in order to destroy the factory

Paper Mario: The Origami King

In Paper Mario: The Origami King, Mario and Olivia meet a particular Bob-Omb who Olivia named Bobby. Bobby is a Bob-Omb who has lost his memory due to losing the fuse on his head. Throughout the Blue Streamer Chapter, Bobby acts as Mario's partner, as he fights along side him during battles (with the exception of boss fights). Bobby's main attack is called Bobby Bump. in which he deals 20 Damage (or 30 if Ally Tambourine is equipped) to a single enemy. Later, during the Yellow Streamer Chapter, King Olly crushes Olivia with a giant boulder, leading Mario and Bobby to go to The Princess Peach to find Bobby's old friend's fuse in order to blow himself up, destroying the boulder and saving Olivia. Besides appearing as a ghost when taking photos in Shogun Studios or during the short interlude in the mines, Bobby is nowhere to be seen after Olivia is saved. Other Bob-Ombs also appear as ammo for Mario to shoot when controlling the Airship.

Mario & Luigi series

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga


Bob-ombs are semi-common enemies in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They appear in the Beanbean Outskirts, and sometimes assist Paratroopeas and Tanoombas as well. If a Bob-omb spots Mario or Luigi in the overworld, it will light its fuse and begin to run around frantically. Its attack pattern is similar to that of the Paper Mario Bob-ombs; however, they will always attempt to blow up their targets, and they can relight their fuses at will. This attack can cause a bro to become dizzy, although it can be countered with a well-timed hammer near the approaching foe (as hitting them will also trigger the explosion). When defeated, they occasionally drop a Red Pepper.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Bob-omb Desert Land Sand.jpg

Bob-ombs appear in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Here, they are found in Gritzy Desert and the Gritzy Caves. They can ram to attack the Mario Bros., but can sometimes trick them by running toward one Bro., then looking the other way and attacking the opposite bro. After they take at least twenty-three damage, they either run and explode into a brother or walk back and forth and explode into a chosen brother, which can be avoided by a Hammer. Both attacks can cause dizziness. A new variant of Bob-omb appears later in the game, called Lethal Bob-omb. Both variations will only take one damage from fire and ice. Also, a large Shroob version, called Shroob-omb, is used by Commander Shroob and is programmed to take only one damage from every attack used on it.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Bob-ombs make a reappearance in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Bowser first discovers Bob-ombs in his castle. They appeared to be rounded up in a cage by Fawful and were abandoned. When Bowser frees the Bob-ombs, he gains a new attack called Bob-omb Blitz. Also, in Bowser's Castle, Bob-ombs are found inside of the Jailgoon suits aside from Goombas in others. Bob-ombs also make a second appearance when Mario and Luigi fight Junker. Bob-ombs are one of the enemies that may appear when Junker empties out a Junker Can. Also, after turning thin again, Bowser starts literally burning fat, and the fire lights several bins filled with Bob-ombs, and the explosion blasts Bowser all the way into the Tunnel. They are also present in the underground of Bowser's Castle and near the roof of Peach's Castle, being obstacles that the brothers and Bowser must pass by leaping over them. Bob-ombs also appear out of the rocks held by Pendrils when they are smashed with a hammer as Mario and Luigi. In addition, during the Blizzard Midbus battle, there is a lone Bob-omb sticking out of the massive snowball he uses to attack. Bowser must punch this so as to avoid having the snowball rolled into him, as well as damaging Blizzard Midbus once done. When his health is halved, he occasionally covers it. Bob-ombs are also among the enemies used by Dark Bowser after being healed by Fawful; they must be deflected by punching them, causing them to explode and defeat any enemies within the blast radius.

Three new sub-species of Bob-ombs are also introduced: Fawful Bob-ombs when fighting the Tower of Yikk in Blubble Lake as giant Bowser, Alarm Bob-omb fought in Fawful's castle, and Dark Fawful Bombs as rare enemies that are held by Dark Fawful Guys in Fawful's castle.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Several Bob-ombs appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, mainly Mega Bob-ombs that are used to activate switches in the second area of Neo Bowser Castle. After defeating Antasma, Mario and Luigi work their way up the castle's central tower where the Elite Trio send down regular Bob-ombs and Mega Bob-ombs to slow the brothers down. In the final battle, Dreamy Bowser can conjure Dream Stone powered versions of Bob-ombs, called Dreamy Bob-ombs to attack. One or two Pelicrumps hold 1 Bob-omb at a time and if Mario does not kill the Pelicrump with the Bob-omb inside, the Pelicrump will drop the Bob-omb on Mario causing him damage. This attack cannot be dodged similar to the Beehoss bee attack when the Mario Bros. jump on them.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

While regular Bob-ombs do not appear in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, their paper versions do. If a copy of a Paper Bob-omb is defeated, it will ram into the bro who hit it, and explode directly, thus possibly rendering him Dizzy like in past Mario & Luigi games. Additionally, some Paper Bob-ombs may also appear as Shiny Bob-ombs.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions


Bob-ombs reappear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions behaving similarly to how they did before. In this game, Bob-ombs don't immediately go haywire upon seeing Mario and Luigi and attack differently This time, they no longer charge at Mario and Luigi in attempt to explode on them, they instead circle them and Mario and Luigi need to hammer them to stop the attack. Bob-ombs are once again found in the Beanbean Fields and are also seen in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser as recruitable allies.


Mario & Luigi series
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Bob-ombM&LSS.png LVL 30 HP 30 POW 60 DEF 50 SPEED 40
EXP 16 (7) COINS 1 (5) Fire Critical Thunder Normal Jump Normal
Hammer? Normal Hand? Normal Stun? 60% Burn? 0% Stat Down? 100%
Item drop Location(s)
Nut – 19.35%
Red Pepper – 32.26% (100%)
  • Parentheses indicates statistics in Japanese version.
  • Numbers and words in gray indicate coding unavailable in normal gameplay.


  • Bob-ombs are more associated with Wario as they mainly appear on Wario's board Wario's Battle Canyon from Mario Party and one even appears as Wario's partner in Mario Party 3. Wario's special move from Mario Kart: Double Dash involves tossing Bob-ombs and Wario must fight King Bob-omb using Bob-ombs in Mario Kart DS. Mario Hoops 3-on-3 has a court named Wario Factory where Bob-ombs come occasionally from elevators or conveyor belts. Those can be picked up and thrown to make them explode.
  • Bob-ombs make a cameo appearance in The Legend Of Zelda series.
  • In Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, a similar enemy called a Bomb-Bot appears. They behave more like the Bob-ombs in the 3D platforms do: chasing down the player on sight, lighting their fuse, and self-destructing in order to deal damage. Unlike the Super Mario Bob-omb, however, they can be destroyed by nearly any attack before exploding.
  • So far, Super Mario Odyssey is the only 3D platformer to not feature any Bob-ombs, coincidentally, it is also the only 3D platformer to not feature any Boos.