MP9 Blooper Beach 1

Yellow Toad telling the players about Blooper Beach

Blooper Beach is the 4th map of story mode in Mario Party 9. It takes place at the seaside. This board map is really tricky due to a Sushi chasing you it moves 4 spaces a turn and if it catches you the captain loses half their mini stars, however befor Sushi appears there is dolphin ahead and moves 2 spaces a turn if you catch up to it you will get 5 mini stars. The other tough thing is it's you versus Kamek and nobody else so you have to win or else you will have to do the board again because if Kamek wins he will return the mini stars to Bowser. The 2 bosses here are Cheep-Cheep at the fort and Blooper beyond the Bowser gate. Get through this and you will be in Magma Mine . This board is also availabe at the start through party mode.

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