Block and Roll is a 1 vs. Rivals mini-game in Mario Party 9. The mini-game is similar to Boulder Ball, but roles are reversed.


The game presents the goals for the player and shows the player holding the stone cube, however gets hit and grabs another.


The solo player tries avoiding the boulders the team rolls to put the three cubes down. When the solo player gets hit, the player has to grab another cube. If the player incompletes putting all cubes down, the team wins. If the player completes all the cubes before the timer runs out, the entrance opens the player a path as it walks towards the gorge, which it gains its victory.



Wiimote Dpad - Move


Wiimote Dpad leftright - Move boulder

Wiimote 2 - Release boulder


  • The name is a parody of rock and roll.
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