Blizzaraus is the sixth boss of Super Princess Peach. Her name comes from "Blizzard" and "saurus." She is located in Gleam Glacier. She is thought to be female based on her form when enraged, which resembles a fairy.

After she enters the Gleam Glacier Palace, Princess Peach finds the kidnapped toad, but Blizzaurus surprises her and challenges her to battle.


While little is known about her personality, based off the look on her face (a smile) when she enters phase 2, Blizzaurus seems to like having fun.


In her battle intro, Blizzaraus freezes Peach, ramming into Peach and the kidnapped Toad.

Phase 1

At the start of her battle, Blizzaurus protects herself with a shield. When attacking, she will attempt to ram Princess Peach or launch a freezing beam. She is weak against the Rage Vibe, which breaks her protective barrier, giving Peach a chance to strike.

==Phase 2 After her first form takes 3 damage, Blizzaurus transforms into a fairy, once again inside a shield. She will fly above Peach, making it hard to aim. She summons two giant icicles onto the ground, though Peach can jump on top of one of them and use the Rage Vibe to break Blizzaurus' shield making her vulnerable. When she is defeated, Blizzaurus explodes into snow, giving away the kidnapped toad and the way to Giddy Sky.


  • Blizzaurus is the only boss in Super Princess Peach who can change forms.