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Blazing Shroob is an enemy found in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. These enemies appear in the Thwomp Caverns in the past. They appear to be red Shroobs with yellow spots on their heads.

A Blazing Shroob's fire on its head can be put out by Mario or Luigi. However, this damages a Mario Bro. so the Bros. must be careful when doing it or they can use a hammer. Shroob UFOs may appear during the battle if a Blazing Shroob is on fire.

A Blazing Shroob attacks with fireballs. If it uses its right hand to spew out fireballs, it attacks Mario. If it is the left hand, then it attacks Luigi. If a Shroob UFO appears in the battle, it throws down a firecracker at the Blazing Shroob either red or green depending on which Bro. the Shroob UFO attacks. The Shroob UFO then throws the firecracker at a Bro. to try to attack him. Mario or Luigi can simply dodge it by hopping over the firecracker.


  • HP - 94
  • POW - 100
  • DEF - 75
  • Speed - 38
  • EXP - 90
  • Coins - 10