Blargg is a fierce, fiery tyrannosaurus rex that resides in lava pits in the Mario universe. It made its debut in the Vanilla Dome caverns in Super Mario World.


They appeared in other games as well, including Yoshi's Story. Blarggs were also supposed to appear in Super Mario 64, but were cut out for unknown reasons. Blarggs with a more updated look with a giant size, who appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as enemies in the Melty Monster Galaxy. They returned in other games, such as New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U. They make yet another appearance in Super Mario 3D World, being found in levels close to the end of the game.


If Mario or Luigi stands too close to the lava pit, Blargg will attempt to bite the hero. Despite its indestructible hide, Yoshi can defeat it by eating it.


  • Blargg is known as the "lava shark" for its sudden, unsuspecting emergence to bite its prey. This concept has been influenced by Jaws the shark from the Jaws series.