The Blade is a large airship utilized by the Axem Rangers during the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


The Blade was first mentioned by Yaridovich where he attempted to escape with the Star Piece from Seaside Town. However, the Axem Rangers with the Blade were running late and did not appear. It was not until Barrel Volcano where the Blade and the Axem Rangers made their first appearance. The Axem Rangers stole the Star Piece from Mario and attempted to escape on their Blade. However, Mario catches up to them and they all fight on board the Blade. After all of the Axem Rangers are defeated, Axem Red hops up higher and can use the Breaker Beam function on the Blade. Mario's team eventually fought this off as well and the Blade was destroyed for good.


  • Most of the factory workers in The Factory have axes that resemble the head of the Blade.
  • Blade may be a reference to the various Mecha piloted by Super Sentai teams, of which the Axem Rangers are based (The American counterparts being Zords, specifically Zord Carriers)