Bitefrosts are enemies in the game Super Mario Odyssey. They inhabit the Bitefrost Cavern in the Snow Kingdom, and resemble pillars with faces on top and purple diamond eyes.


Bitefrosts bury their bodies in the snow, waiting for pray to pass over them. Upon sensing him walking overhead, the creatures spring, up trying to bite down on him with their teeth. Mario can use Bitefrosts to his advantage, but he must jump before the Bitefrosts close their teeth down on him, lest he be eaten and get hurt.


Bitefrosts have a pink variation that can be found in a gear-themed Bonus area with torches that can be accessed in the Luncheon Kingdom after Mario activates that Kingdom's Moon Rock. These pink Bitefrosts and their normal counterparts have the same behaviour.


Bitefrosts is a reversal of the word "frostbite" a condition where cold temperatures freeze the skin. It could also possibly be a reference to Bifröst.