Not to be confused with Grand Tail Goombas
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team enemy
Location Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
HP 260
Power 300
Defense 269
Speed 80
Experience gained 200
Coins dropped 80 (100% drop rate)
Item dropped Boo Biscuit (5% drop rate)
Crystal Hammer (3% drop rate)
  • Parentheses represent Japanese versions different from the American and European versions.
  • Gray statistics shows that they are found just in the game's coding and not available during normal gameplay.

Big Tail Goombas are enemies that in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.


Big Tail Goombas are similar in appearance to Tail Goombas except they are bigger than them. Their moves sometimes hurt other enemies too.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Big Tail Goombas are only fought in Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle in this game. Big Tail Goombas are also never seen on the overworld and are only seen in battle alongside Antasmans, Lakitu and Spinys. Big Tail Goombas mainly attack by flying at Mario and then attempt to crash down on him. This attack can be counter-attacked with swinging the hammers.

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