The Big Scuttlebug is a mini-boss that appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The Big Scuttlebug is basically a larger version of a regular Scuttlebug having all of the exact details. This may be the mother of all the Scuttlebugs.


Mario fights the Big Scuttlebug right after leaving an area in Rustle Burrow. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have Kersti at the time and must fight the Big Scuttlebug without the use of the Battle Spinner. The Big Scuttlebug mainly attacks by spinning webs at Mario and ramming into him. One noticeable thing in this fight is the giant web that the Big Scuttlebug is on. Mario must first destroy the web with distance Stickers like Fire Flowers (Mario also doesn't have his Hammer so Hammer-related Stickers are useless). If Mario jumps on the web, then the Scuttlebug will wrap him in a web and bite him dealing damage. After the web is destroyed, Mario can then finish off the Big Scuttlebug with strong Jump stickers.

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