Big Pokeys are enemies that first appear in the game Super Mario Galaxy. They are taller versions of Pokeys and reappear throughout the series.


Super Mario Galaxy

Only two Big Pokeys appear in Super Mario Galaxy: one on the Good Egg Galaxy and another on the Dusty Dunes Galaxy. In order to defeat one, Mario (or Luigi) must spin a nearby coconut at it to knock away all of the segments and eventually the head. Doing this at both times will make a Launch Star appear.

New Super Mario Bros. U/Deluxe

In this game, Big Pokeys appear only during the Morton Koopa Jr. boss fight in World 2. Morton takes advantage of these Big Pokeys by using his hammer to knock the segments at the player(s).

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

A single Big Pokey appears in this game where it is seen with the Paper Tower Pokey at Doop Doop Dunes. The two large Pokeys stop the heroes (Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario, and Starlow) from processing any further to Bowser's Castle. The Pokeys end up sending the heroes to the Grotto where the Big Pokey and Paper Tower Power Pokey are sitting at. The heroes eventually managed to get to the two large Pokeys and defeat them in battle.

In battle, the Big Pokey's main attack is to use a rolling attack that can either hit all of the characters (with enough segments) or just Mario and Luigi. The Paper Tower Pokey will commonly use team attacks with the Big Pokey with the main attacking being where the Paper Tower Pokey knocks the Big Pokey's segments at a random character.

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