Big Piranha Plants (or Giant Piranha Plants or Super Piranha Plant) are a larger version of the Piranha Plant first seen in Super Mario Bros. 3


Super Mario Bros. 3

In Super Mario Bros. 3, they only appear in Giant Land.

New Super Mario Bros.

Big Piranha Plants are first introduced in New Super Mario Bros. They are harder to pass by with their large size and take a bit longer to defeat. Touching them will cause the player to get hurt. With its physical action, they are constantly biting. No matter where they player goes, however, they will stay in the same spot.

New Super Mario Bros. U

They reappear in New Super Mario Bros. U and serve the same role as they did in previous games.

Super Mario Odyssey

They once again reappear in Super Mario Odyssey, once again serving as a larger variant of the Piranha Plants. However, this time they are able to spit poison gunk in their surrounding area.

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