Big Lantern Ghost
Big Lantern Ghost
The Big Lantern Ghost's sprite.
First Game Paper Mario (2001)
Appearances Paper Mario
Gender Male
Homeland Shy Guy's Toy Box
Location Shy Guy's Toy Box
Species Shy Guy
Affiliates General Guy (leader)
Attacks Lantern shine
Body Slam
Weakness Attacking him in the light.

Big Lantern Ghost is a large, green Shy Guy/ghost that lives in the dark areas of Shy Guy's Toy Box. He holds Watt captive, and Mario has to rescue her in order to continue in his adventure. He can only be defeated if his lantern is illuminated. Once his lantern is illuminated enough for Mario to attack, he will usually blow it out.


The best partner to have for this battle is Bow since her Smack attack can hit the lantern multiple times.