Big Eggs are items that only appear in Super Paper Mario.


In the game, they replace the role of Eggs from the previous Paper Mario games. These items are very helpful as they are dropped by many different foes and can be purchased from the Itty Bits in Flopside. This item, ulike the 5 HP the Egg recovers, heals up 12 HP. Like all other healing items in this game, Big Eggs do heal poison as well.


First Ingredient + Second Ingredient = Result
Big Egg + Fire Burst = Egg Bomb
Big Egg + Cake Mix = Mousse
Big Egg + Healthy Salad = Veggie Set
Big Egg + Shroom Shake = Shroom Pudding
Big Egg + Keel Mango = Mango Pudding
Big Egg + Lovely Chocolate = Love Pudding
Big Egg + Hot Sauce = Spicy Dinner
Big Egg + Horsetail = Omelette Meal
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