Big Cheep-Cheep is a mini-boss that appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.Big Cheep Cheeps (or Mega Cheep Cheeps) are bigger versions of Cheep Cheeps.


New Super Mario Bros. series

In the New Super Mario Bros., the follow their path but they do not target Mario or Luigi like Cheep Cheeps.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Before Mario could leave Surfshine Harbor on his boat, the Big-Cheep Cheep intercepts him blocking his path. Mario exits his boat and goes on the docks to engage the Big Cheep-Cheep in battle. In battle, the Big Cheep-Cheep mainly attacks by jumping into Mario. After the Big Cheep-Cheep has taken a certain amount of damage, it will swim into the background and begin to heal itself fully and uses a new attack that sprays water at Mario causing Soggy. Mario must use the Fishhook thing to bring the behemoth back onto land. Afterwards, the Big Cheep-Cheep will grow even bigger. Mario must take down the Big Cheep-Cheep in three turns or it will explode instantly defeating Mario. Additionally, Mario can quickly end the fight by using either a Spike Helmet sticker or the Thumbtack thing sticker to pop the Big Cheep-Cheep but must be careful as he will take over 40 damage in recoil. After the Big Cheep-Cheep is defeated, Mario can sail onto the last three Worlds.


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