Big Bullies are large variations of Bullies in the Mario games. They are spherical, black-shaped villains with yellow horns.


Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

Big Bullies first appear in Super Mario 64 and later in Super Mario 64 DS, where they did not change.

Two Big Bullies are at Lethal Lava Land. The first has the Power Star from the "Boil the Big Bully" mission, while the other from "Bully the Bullies".

In the first mission, Mario must head off to the far end of Lethal Lava Land, where will find a Big Bully on a square platform. Mario and the Big Bully fight on knocking either one into the lava. Big Bully skids closer to the edge if Mario punches, kicks or slides into it. Big Bully surrenders its Power Star to Mario if pushed in the lava. The Power Star is positioned on a platform north of the square platform.

In the second mission, Mario has to reach a rectangle platform adjacent to one with Big Bully. There, he has to knock three ordinary Bullies in the lava. A Big Bully then collapses from the sky and battles Mario. Like the first Big Bully, Mario has to shove this one in the lava too to obtain a Power Star.

Mario Kart DS

Big Bully - Battle Preparation - Mario Kart DS

Yoshi and Big Bully preparing for battle.

Big Bully reappears in Mario Kart DS as the first boss of "Mission Mode". Yoshi is the character who fights Big Bully. The battle takes place on a platform.

In the battle, Yoshi must retrieve Triple Mushrooms from Item Blocks to speed into Big Bully, shoving it closer to the surrounding water. Big Bully tries the same to Yoshi. He has three balloons for health, and loses the mission if he falls in the water. Yoshi wins the mission once he shoves Big Bully off the platform and into the water.

See also

  • Bully - The smaller relatives of Big Bully.
  • Chill Bully - Iced relatives of Big Bully.
  • Chief Chilly - The larger version of Chill Bully and the leader of Bullies.
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