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Big Boo's Haunt is the fifth course in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, and is located in the Castle Courtyard. The course itself is a three-story mansion located in a small cage. To gain access to the level, the player must defeat the larger one of the Boos in the castle courtyard, then walk up to the small mansion in a cage that appears. Unlike most other courses, Big Boo's Haunt is one of the rare courses that is not accessed via a painting. Instead, Mario must travel to the castle's courtyard (after he has collected twelve Power Stars, fifteen in the DS remake) and defeat a Big Boo. The Boo will drop a small cage containing the course. Mario gets teleported to Big Boo's Haunt upon entering this cage.

Mario shrinks as he is entering the cage to Big Boo's Haunt. The level is bounded by what appears to be the bars of a cage, like the one in the entrance to the course, suggesting, along with his entrance into the level, that Mario has shrunk. The course's background is a night sky located in a dark forest.

Big Boo's Haunt is inhabited by none other than Big Boo himself. There is a small shack on the side of the mansion that has a lift to the basement. In the center of the basement is a large merry-go-round with many Boos and some Flamethrowers. There is also the Mad Piano (a piano that comes to life and tries to bite Mario if he gets too close), Bookends (books which emerge from the bookshelves and launch themselves at Mario), and Killer Chairs (chairs which levitate before attacking). Big Boo's Haunt is also home to Big Mr. I. There are two entrances into the main building: the front door immediately visible upon entering the level, and a single back door that leads into a room containing two Boos. This course is one of a few that contain bridges made of bricks that fall away when walked upon. Big Boo's Haunt is the only course that does not share a theme with another course. The music for the Merry-Go-Round is also used in the minigames Lakitu Launch, Bingo Ball, and Slots Shot. In the DS remake, the third floor also contains a painting to the Big Boo Battle which appears to be located on the tower (highest floor) of Big Boo's Haunt where King Boo resides. This place is also where Mario unlocks Luigi.

In Super Mario 64 DS, this is the only main course that Yoshi can't access at all; he can't defeat Boos in this game, nor can he successfully eat any.


The course features a large building and grounds, with three floors, an accessible balcony that leads to the roof, and a basement. A separate building found in the basement contains a speedy merry-go-round in the sewers. The boss, who is fought a number of times, is Big Boo.

In the DS remake, there is also a secret area, where you fight King Boo so that you can play as Luigi. It's accessible through the painting of Luigi in the third floor.


Star 1: Go on a Ghost Hunt

Go On A Ghost Hunt.png

To complete this star Mario must enter the mansion and defeat the six Boos located on the ground floor of the mansion. Once this is done, the Big Boo appears in the mansion hall. Once Mario defeats the Big Boo, the stairs to the upper floor of the mansion are revealed, along with the star for the level located at the top of the stairs. The locations of the Boos are as follows

  1. Two are located inside a small room which can be accessed from the back of the mansion. Alternatively, since the room is interconnected to the kitchen room with the Killer Chairs, you can wait for them and they will come out of the painting.
  2. Inside the small room with the Mr. I.
  3. In the room with the crumbling bridge, cross the bridge and defeat the Boo.
  4. In the room on the far right, defeat the Boo near the ledge, attack the Boo but be sure not to fall off the edge or you will have to climb back up.

Star 2: Ride Big Boo's Merry Go Round

Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round.png

To complete this star Mario must enter a separate building near the mansion. Mario must go down the elevator, and go through the door at the end of the corridor. Once this is done, Mario must head through the nearest door. Inside is a big Merry Go Round. Six boos come out of the paintings one by one. Once the boos are defeated, the Big Boo appears. Once he is defeated, the Merry Go Round stops, and the star is revealed.

Star 3: Secret of the Haunted Books

Secret of the Haunted Books.png

To complete this star Mario must enter the mansion and climb the stairs to the top floor and enter the second door on the left. After entering the door, Mario must head down the corridor and punch the books in the correct order. Once this is done, the bookcase opens, and a secret platform with the star is revealed.

Star 4: Seek the 8 Red Coins

Seek the 8 Red Coins.png

To complete this star Mario must head into the mansion and find the 8 Red Coins scattered on the upper and lower floors of the mansion. After the 8 Red Coins are found, the star is revealed in the main hall of the mansion. The locations of each Red Coin are listed below.

  1. Behind the Mad Piano's resting spot.
  2. In the dining room with the Killer Chairs atop the Bookshelf.
  3. In the aforementioned room atop the other Bookshelf.
  4. On the room on the far right on the ledge near the pit.
  5. Atop the red mesh platforms above the Mr. I's room.
  6. Inside the Mr. I's room on the upper floor below one of the coffins.
  7. Inside the Mr. I's room on the upper floor below another one of the coffins, in the DS remake, this Red Coin was moved parallel to the stairs above them. The Red Coin be reached either by using Luigi's backflip, Mario's Balloon Powers from the Power Flower, or triple jumping as Mario or Luigi.
  8. On the far right room on the second floor behind a corner near the trapdoor.

One all 8 Red Coins have been collected, the Star will appear on the second floor on the left balcony.

Star 5: Big Boo's Balcony


To complete this star, Mario must enter the mansion and head up to the upper floor and enter the second door to the right. Once inside Mario must wall-jump off one of walls and reach a door on the third floor (in Super Mario 64 DS, Mario can also use the power flower to get there). Mario must then enter the door on the third floor. On the other side of the door is a balcony with Big Boo on it. Once Mario defeats Big Boo the star is revealed on the roof of the mansion. In the DS remake, Luigi can use his backflip to reach the roof much easier.

Star 6: Eye to Eye in the Secret Room

400px-SM64 Big Mr. I.png

To complete this star Mario must enter the mansion and head to the upper floor, then enter the second door to the right. Once this is done Mario must go to the other side of the room and enter the door. On the other side of the door is the Vanish Cap. Mario must put on the Vanish Cap, head to the third floor and enter the painting of a boo before the Vanish Cap runs out. Inside is a Boo and an unusually large Mr. I. Once Mr.I is defeated the star is revealed.

In the DS remake, to complete this star, enter the stage as Luigi, enter the second door to the right in the upper floor and hit the ? block in that room to get the power flower (instead of the vanish cap).

Star 7: Switch Star in the Basement (DS)

Switch Star in the Basement.png

Enter the course as Wario and immediately run into the small cabin to the left (not the main house). Take the elevator down to the basement level and wade through the halls of water until you go through a doorway. You'll find a large black-brick block in the basement that Wario can ground pound to crush—hit the star switch underneath and very quickly run around to the other side of the basement to grab the star.

However, there's a problem: Wario is slow. Before you hit the switch, run to the other side of the basement to grab the Mario cap from under the water (you can see it on your map). Now that you've transformed to Mario, step on the switch again and quickly run to the star. Mario's much faster than Wario, making it pretty easy to get the golden power star.

100 Coins

Simply collect 100 coins from the stage. Most of the enemies in the stage release Blue Coins, making this task much easier. The Blue Coin switch allows for a further twenty to be collected, and the eight Red Coins should take the player near the 100 mark.

Enemies Encountered


  • This course marks the first appearance of Mr. I.
  • Big Boo's Haunt is one of the levels in the game that doesn't contain a true painting leading to the level, the others being Shifting Sand Land, Dire, Dire Docks, Snowman's Land and Rainbow Ride.
  • Big Boo is the only boss you fight multiple times (other than Bowser and some others in the DS version).
  • This course becomes available at 13 stars (13 being an unlucky number) (ghosts, which Boos resemble are another unlucky symbol).
  • This is the only course that requires the defeat of an enemy in order to gain access.
  • Despite the spooky appearance, it is very hard to die on this course for the following reasons:
    • Most, if not all enemies release blue coins which restore lots of health.
    • Most big drops have water at the bottom which cushions the fall.
    • Very few enemies in the course actually pursue Mario. The only ones that do are the haunted books, the killer chairs, and piano.
    • It is fairly easy to acquire invisibility caps which prevent most damage.
    • This course is completely enclosed, similar to Bob-omb Battlefield.
    • There are no "instant death" obstacles.
  • The entrance to this course, as well as the boundaries of the course seem to resemble a bird cage.
  • The house is eerily similar in frontal appearance to Luigi's Mansion, which had not released until five years later in 2001.
  • This is the only course in the game that doesn't share its music with another course.
  • The bars around the course resemble the bars on the cage of the course's entrance, suggesting, along with his entrance in the course that Mario has shrunk.


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