"Bloobloobloobloop! (Hey land freaks! How'd you like a tentacle sandwich?!)" -Big Blooper

Big Blooper is a boss in Super Paper Mario. It is fought near the end of the Tile Pool.


The Big Blooper is a gigantic Blooper that even takes up most of the background. Given Bowser's known size, this Blooper appears to be 10 or more times larger in each dimension than the largest squid known in real life, with tentacles reaching 200m or more in length, and a weight likely to compare to 1000 tons. This is possibly the largest known enemy in the Mario franchise.


As Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser swim through the Tile Pool in order to reach Fort Francis to rescue Tippi, the Big Blooper suddenly appears upset that there are trespassers. The Big Blooper then traps off the heroes and engauges them in battle. After the heroes defeat the Big Blooper, it swims away never be seen again.


In battle, the Big Blooper mainly attacks by using its tentacles to strike one of the heroes.


As according to Barry the Pixl, the way to defeat the Big Blooper is to roast the red tentacle. Bowser's fire breath is recommended as it can strike the red tentacle from a distance. The red tentacle appears every time the Big Blooper attempts to hit one of the heroes twice with its regular tentacles (meaning the red tentacle will appear on the third attack). The Big Blooper's red tentacle must be hit a number of times (usually three) in order to defeat it.