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A Big Ant Trooper (also called a Large Ant Trooper) is larger than a normal Ant Trooper that first appears in Super Mario 3D World and later in Super Mario Maker 2.


Super Mario 3D World

Big Ant Trooper appears as an enemy. Big Ant Troopers made their appearance in Ant Trooper Hill as the titular enemy. The player can jump on then without either of them being harmed. In fact, jumping on them is mandatory to get through Ant Trooper Hill. They are invincible and cannot be destroyed at all, even with a Star.

Super Mario Maker 2

Big Ant Troopers appear as one of many usable enemies in this game. They can be made by adding a Super Mushroom to a regular Ant Trooper. Like with in Super Mario 3D World, Big Ant Troopers are invincible and should only be used for platforming.