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A Big Amp is a larger variation of an Amp. Its attack patterns are still the same as a normal Amp; they can be stationary or moving in a set path.


Big Amps are large black spheres with electricity surrounding them. In most games they have the same face as normal Amps, but in the Super Mario Galaxy series they don't have a face at all. They usually stay still and wait for Mario (or Luigi) to walk into them, but sometimes they will be moving on a path. They will generally rotate on the spot.


In Super Mario Galaxy

Big Amps are commonly seen in Space or Tech Galaxies such as the Space Junk Galaxy, Battlerock Galaxy, Toy Time Galaxy, and the Dreadnought Galaxy. They usually spin around a set path or around a small planet. Their larger size makes them harder to avoid but they are also much smaller. Avoid them at all costs because there is no attack that defeats them.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Big Amp can be seen in Galaxies such as the Sky Station Galaxy and the Space Storm Galaxy. They behave identically to how they did in previous game. They are once again indestructible however Co-Star Luma can stun them allowing Mario to get past easier.

In New Super Mario Bros. U (/Deluxe)

In this game, Big Amps are commonly found in Snake Block Tower and Stone-Snake Tower. For the first time, they have been given a face like their smaller counterparts. In this game, they hang idly in one location hoping Mario (or Luigi) will hit them. In this game, the effects of a Starman can defeat them. Iceballs can also freeze them.