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Biffiduses are spear carrying anti-body creatures located in Bowser's Nerve Cluster in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Their main job is to keep outsiders out of the body.


These enemies assist Durmite in battle and only have one individual attack; charging at Mario and Luigi with their spears. When they are jumped on by the bros. or any other form of attack, they become defeated. Durmite has her own attack by swallowing Biffidus and then spitting it's spear out at Mario and Luigi. All of Biffidus' attacks can be countered via jumping.

They have X version whom act the same, but are black and their charge attack is quicker. They are also more powerful. They may drop Syrup once defeated.


  • Despite their job being keeping outsiders out of Bowser's body, Durmite is an outsider whom they assist in battle.