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Biff Atlas (マッディー?), the Bodybuilder, is one of the mini-boss Portrait Ghosts found in Area Three, in Luigi's Mansion. Biff is also one of the five optional gallery ghosts in Luigi's Mansion.


In order to get Biff to try to attack you, you must correctly aim and hit one of the three punching bags at Biff. Once he is hit, he will get angry and begin to swing his fist at Luigi. One punch from Biff, and Luigi will loose twenty HP. Luigi will have to hit Biff two more times to expose Biff's heart. Before the third hit, Biff gets enraged and waves his arm around in circles. If Luigi hits the punching bag and missing Biff, he will have to avoid the angry ghost and the swinging punching bag. After this, Biff will be knocked out and vulnerable. Biff will wake up, and try to pull against the Poltergust 3000. If Luigi doesn't capture Biff, Luigi will have to hit him with the punching bag one more times and try again.


  • His first name is a pun on "biff", slang meaning to hit.
  • His last name is based on Atlas, a titan from Greek Mythology who was punished by Zeus to hold up the Sky.
  • A bust of Biff Atlas can be found in the The Artist's Studio.
  • His last name may also be a reference to Charles Atlas, another bodybuilder who ran an exercise program which was advertised in old comic books.
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