"“What is this A Button I speak of? I assure you that if we are being watched from another dimension... Those beings will understand. But you lack the mustache for full comprehension.”"
― Bestovius, Super Paper Mario


Bestovius is the person who knows how to give people the power to travel between dimensions.


He lives near Lineland Road in Lineland. For people to use his ability, they must give him something of high value. He gave Mario the powers without any pay. He thinks highly of himself and he is a descendant of the ancients. He is also a distant cousin of Merlon, Merlee, and Old Man Watchitt. If Mario returns the "You-Know-What" from Watchitt to Bestovius, Bestovius will give Mario the Training Machine (a Nintendo DS) that he had promised Merluvlee. According to Bestovius, he no longer needs it because he got a newer, sleeker model (presumably a Nintendo DS Lite).