Best Fitness Friends merged monster form in the final battle.

The Best Fitness Friends is the ultimate BFF form, and the final boss in Bowser Jr.'s Journey. It is fought in Bowser Castle.


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The merged Best Fitness Friends monster gets a scary look. He has white eyes that have no pupils and a red, yellow, and blue bow-tie, and his arms, legs, and hair are red, yellow, and blue. His body is black.


  • Piercing Projectile: Shoots a powerful beam at Bowser Jr.'s troopers.
  • Rally: Increases his troopers's SPIRIT.
  • Fitness Vortex: Sucks up some of Bowser Jr.'s captain commands, disabling Snack Time, Shy Guy Swarm & Volleybomb.
  • Cyclone Breath: Shoots out powerful wind that will blow some allies away, but those allies will come back later on in the battle.
  • Malatone Charge: Eats a supplement of Malatone Formula:X, gaining a status increase in POW, SPEED, DEF & SPIRIT.
  • Mystery Box: Hits a block, either dealing total damage to Bowser Jr.'s troops or restore 30% of his health when he gets low on health.


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