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Berries (also mentioned as Apples, Nuts, and Yoshi Fruit) are recurring fruit found in Dinosaur Land, but have also made appearances in different places. Yoshis can only consume them, and, depending on the color of the berry, the person riding might get some type of item.


Super Mario Series

Super Mario World

In Super Mario World, Yoshi can eat berries for the value of one coin. Yoshi eats them when he is in close contact with them or if he grabs it with his tongue. Three kinds of berries can be found in this game. Red-colored berries give Yoshi a Super Mushroom if he consumes ten in the same stage. In the Super Mario Advance 2 version of this game, a Red Yoshi will get a Fire Flower, Blue will get a Cape Feather, and Yellow will get a Super Star.) Pink berries will summon a coin throwing cloud if two are eaten in the same level. Finally, the rare green berries (only found in Funky and the starting level of the game) add 20 seconds to the timer. All three berries are the same size but have different colors.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Red berries also appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where they serve the same role. Every five berries that Yoshi eats makes him produce an item that Mario can use to help him advance through the rest of the level. The elements feature a Yoshi Cookie, equivalent to 5 Yoshi Berries.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The red-colored berry's role continues in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but the game's manual refers to them as Fruit. Yoshi can eat these by touching them or licking them up with his tongue to get Star Bits.