The Beetle is a minor character that appears in Donkey Kong 64.


The Beetle is a large beetle that is green in color and wears purple racing gear.


The Beetle can be first seen in Angry Aztec that is only encountered by Tiny Kong there. The Beetle tells Tiny that she must beat her in a race and collect 50 coins. However, if Tiny either falls off of the course or doesn't have 50 coins by the finish line, the Beetle will win laughing at Tiny's failure.

The Beetle can be encountered again later at Crystal Caves, this time, by Lanky Kong. As usual, Lanky must beat the Beetle in a race using mainly his OrangStand Sprint technique to give him an edge. However, losing will result in being taunted by the Beetle once more.


  • The Beetle is often viewed as the most despised character in Donkey Kong 64 due to her infamous mocking laughter when the player loses (which is common due to how difficult the courses can be).
  • During Tiny's race, the Beetle can be attacked by Tiny at the start of the race giving the Kong a head start.
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