Beep Block Skyway is a level of World 4 in Super Mario 3D World. Its remake is Blast Block Skyway.


This level starts with the player next to some Beep Blocks, which alternate to the beat of the music. After crossing over the small row of blocks, there is a Double Cherry. There is another row of blocks, with another Double Cherry, and more blocks to the left. After the player has crossed the third row, there are P Panels that require at least one clone to activate, causing coins to appear. Then, the Warp Box and the path to the right takes the player to to more paths that lead to the first Warp Box. After exiting the Warp Box, the player has to climb the Beep Blocks as stairs. When the player reaches the top, the Checkpoint Flag appears. After the Checkpoint Flag, the player needs to jump down the Beep Blocks before entering another Warp Box. Outside the Warp Pipe, there are some Beep Blocks the player needs to slide down. Then, the player needs to climb the final set of Beep Blocks to the Goal Pole.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Right before the Warp Box, get the star southwest of it when the blue platforms appear.
  • Green Star 2: Before going down the slide, go in the Warp Pipe with the clones and/or other players. In the pipe, hit the P Switch and collect the blue coins before at least one disappears to get the star.
  • Green Star 3: With at least two clones and/or players, press on the two switches at the same time to make a star appear.


Beep Block Skyway Stamp.png

After passing the checkpoint, have four clones and/or players stand on the platform with the number four on it to get the Double Cherry stamp.