Bee Mushrooms are yellow and brown striped mushrooms that transform Mario into Bee Mario. As Bee Mario, he is capable of flying short distances until a meter on the screen is depleted. He can also climb across honeycombs and walk through honey without a speed reduction. Also, as he is much lighter, he can rest on flowers or clouds which he could not do in any other form. Taking damage or making contact with water or reverts Mario to his original form.


The Bee Mushroom appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is seen in Sea Slide Galaxy, Honeyhive Galaxy, Honeyclimb Galaxy, Gold Leaf Galaxy, and Sand Spiral Galaxy. It is commonly seen inside of a diamond crystal which Mario/Luigi can spin to obtain it. In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a tube of honey with a Bee Mushroom design on it appears in the level Unlikely Heroes and near Peach's Castle.


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