Bees are a recurring species of insects. They have only appeared in Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Yoshi's Story. They are ruled by Queen Bee in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel. They have no subspecies but similar species. Bees also had small appearances in Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2, and Super Mario Sunshine.


Yoshi's Story

A Bee from Yoshi's Story.

In Yoshi's Story, Bees were enemies, with fat bodies in the shape of something similar to a cylinder. Bees in this game roamed around on all four feet, and were slightly orange.

Super Mario Sunshine

In Super Mario Sunshine, Bees were found in Beehives, and if Mario was to get too close to them, they would swarm around him and possibly sting him, causing Mario to lose health. Although dangerous to Mario alone, Yoshi can eat them and get a coin out of them. Once eating all of them, a Blue Coin will appear.

Super Mario Galaxy

Bees appear in many places in Super Mario Galaxy, such as Honeyhive Galaxy, and at the third Sea Slide Galaxy star. Unlike previous games, Bees are the same size as Mario, and rather friendly allies who serve the Queen Bee. They also do not roam around on all four feet, like previous games. In Honeyhive Galaxy, they teach the player about the effects of Ground Pounding, such as destroying the circular blocks.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bees reappeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2 the same way they did in Super Mario Galaxy. They appeared in many similar galaxies as Super Mario Galaxy as well, such as Honeybloom Galaxy. Once beating a special mission (called "The Secret Wall Jump"), a Bee appears on Starship Mario.