I just want to sleep on you!
Bedsmith is a character that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the one that helps create the Ultibed as he is the only one that can do so.


Bedsmith is a yellow Pi'illo that wears glasses. Also, unlike other Pi'illos, his pillow-shaped head is sideways rather than the usual way.


Bedsmith has a rather erratic personality as he keeps saying he wants to nap on Prince Dreambert. He also takes great pride in his work and thinks highly of his artistic skills. Bedsmith also has a habit of speaking in the third person.


Bedsmith is first seen after Mario and Dreamy Luigi freed him from a Nightmare Chunk after defeating Earthwake. Everyone then head's back to Pi'illoper's house where Prince Dreambert tries to convince him to make the Ultibed. Starlow then says that they already gathered the five Zee Parts. After hearing that, Bedsmith then decides to go to Somnom Woods for his shop in order to help create the Ultibed.

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