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Beaver Bother
Beaver Bother.png
Beaver Bother in action.
Player(s) Diddy Kong
Lanky Kong
Chunky Kong
Location Frantic Factory
Creepy Castle (appears twice here)
Snide's H.Q.
Time to Complete 60 seconds
Game Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Beaver Bother is a Bonus Stage played by the Kongs in the game Donkey Kong 64.


In this minigame, the player takes control of a Klaptrap and must try to scare the beavers into the hole in the middle. They must scare a number of Klaptraps within the 60 second time limit to win a Golden Banana. This minigame is rather infamous for being one of the most frustrating minigames in the game. This is due to the beavers sometimes not going into the hole and how it's rather easy for the player to fall into the hole when trying to scare the beavers into there.


  • This is the only minigame in the game that appears twice in the same level (as it appears twice in Creepy Castle).