Beat Block Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It only appears after Mario feeds the Luma 1,000 starbits in World 3, which then transforms into the Galaxy.

In the Beat Block Galaxy, the floor constantly changes from green to yellow forcing Mario to make quick jumps to avoid falling.


Step to the Beep

You have to navigate all of the alternating blocks to get a pyramid made of those blocks. You have to navigate up the pyramid to get the Star.

Silver Stars in Double Time

In this one the blocks alternate twice as fast. Once you make it to the pyramid, there are 5 Silver Stars you have to collect. After that, the star appears.

Green Star 1

The player repeats the Step to the Beep mission. After the player reaches the purple platform that connects to the two paths, the player must break the crystal. Then the player must backflip and Spin where the Green Star is on the top-left corner.

Green Star 2

As the player repeats the same mission as the first Green Star mission, they must reach the Beat Block Pyramid and go on the purple platform on the right-hand side. The player must then climb on an orange Beat Block, and backflip and spin off it to reach the Green Star.


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