Beans are common items that first appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They are seen most of everywhere in the Beanbean Kingdom and they are mainly used to help make espresso at the Starbeans Café.

Other Uses

In Partners in Time, Beans are used again but this time, they're used to swap badges at Fawful's Bean n' Swap. Only Baby Mario and Baby Luigi can enter and fortunately, Fawful does recognize the baby versions of his worst enemies. Fawful will happily swap his badges for Beans so as long the babies bring him the correct amount.

In Dream Team, Beans are now used to permanently raise one of Mario or Luigi's stats by a few levels. Beans can be now dug up with the newest technique: Mole Mario.

Types of Beans

Type Image Description
Woo Bean
The most common types of Beans. They are usually found as dropped items from Beanies and Sharpeas.
Hoo Bean
The uncommon types of Beans. The only way to get these Beans are to find them in invisible blocks, regular blocks, or play the Surfing mini-game.
Chuckle Bean
The fairly common types of Beans. These Beans can be found underground which requires the Luigi Dunk technique to find.
Hee Bean
The most rare types of Beans. The only way to get these Beans is to win at certain mini-games. Some can also be found rarely in Teehee Valley.