Battle Spinner is an ability used in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It allows Mario to use more than 1 sticker in the battle.


Battle Spinner is used in battles to give Mario a chance to use more than one Sticker in the same turn. He must match two or three pictures in order to gain more attacks. If Mario is not feeling too lucky, he can actually pay fifteen coins (plus fifteen more to use it again and again), to automatically have two pictures lined up. This ability is very helpful for boss fights.

Known Users

Mario (with Kersti): Mario is the only character to utilize the Battle Spinner. Like with Paperize, Mario can only use the Battle Spinner if Kersti is present. 

Super Battle Spinner

Mario defeating Bowser with the Super Battle Spinner.

The Super Battle Spinner is an advanced version of the regular Battle Spinner. It is used by Mario in the very last fight with Bowser after Kersti gives up her life to turn herself into a Sticker. With the Super Battle Spinner, Mario can use a total of five Stickers per turn for the rest of the battle. Mario's attack power is also increased greatly while Bowser's defense has dropped.


  • The Battle Spinner tutorial in Bouquet Gardens is mandatory as if Mario declines learning about the Battle Spinner 4 times, Kersti will then only allow Mario to pick from two "Yes" options and from there, the Tutorial is initiated as normal.