Battle Spaces are spaces that appear in certain Mario Party games.


When a player lands on a Battle Space, then a character (depending on which game) comes out and spins a wheel. When the wheel lands on a certain amount of coins, then that character will take that number of coins from all players then a Battle Mini-game will start. The first place winner will receive most of the coins while the second place winner gets the remaining while the players who are in third and fourth place get nothing. However, this rule changes in later Mario Party games as the person in third place will receive a few coins.


Mario Party 2

Battle Spaces first appear in this game. The host of the Battle Mini-game is a Goomba. The space itself is green with a lightning bolt on it.

Mario Party 3

Once again and finally, Goomba is the host of the Battle Mini-games in this game. The space itself is still green but the image on it resembles the Goomba host.

Mario Party 4

Battle Spaces retain their main green color in this game but this time, Bob-omb is the host while the space itself has it's picture on it. Unlike most Mario Party games, the player who landed on the Battle Space is the one who gets to choose the Battle Mini-game to play.

Mario Party 6

Although they don't appear in Party Mode, Battle Spaces only appear in Single-Player mode in this game. They are now purple with the letter "B" on it. Unlike all the rest of the Battle Spaces, there is no host for the Battle Mini-game (though, Brighton or Twilia is the host for the Battle Mini-games in Party Mode).

Mario Party 9

Battle Spaces make their recent return in this game changing their appearance completely. They are now orange with two hammers on it to represent their new host: Hammer Bro. Unlike all of the rest of the Mario Party games, players compete for Mini Stars rather than coins.