Baron von Zeppelins are Balloons from the Yoshi series that carry items or hazards. They carry Keys, Coins, Red Coins, Boxes, Grenades, Needlenoses, and even Shy Guys. Three Baron von Zeppelins carry boxes, meaning you'll have to hit them with three Eggs to get the box.

They come in a variety of colors and feature smiley faces. Barons that carry enemies will drop them when the player runs underneath it, but not if it's a 1-up. In the boss battle against Baby Bowser, they serve as assistance for Yoshi by dropping Giant Eggs.


  • For some reason, in Yoshi's Island DS, to get Baron von Zeppelin in the Museum, you have to hit the ones carrying hazards as opposed to just any Baron von Zeppelin.
  • A similar type of species, known as Air Bags, appear in Yoshi's Story
  • It's name is mostly based on Ferdinand von Zeppelin.