Banshee Boardwalk is the third track in Special Cup of Mario Kart 64. It is haunted-mansion themed, having Boos that appear and disappear. The course is a boardwalk over haunting waters. The background is completely black when playing the game, but the icon in the menu shows that it is a haunting, dark, nighttime sky. There is a haunted house in this course, with bats that dwell inside. Also, every once and a while, a Cheep Cheep will jump out of the water and try to swallow racers whole. Bats apparently don't appear in the Time Trial mode.

There is a shortcut where you can jump over a gap inside the old building, which requires a Mushroom. It is very risky and not actually worth it, except to skip some bats.

This course is similar to the Ghost Valley courses in Super Mario Kart.

Mario Kart DS

This course reappears in Mario Kart DS as a retro course in Lightning Cup. In this version, the Cheep Cheep has been replaced with a Boss Bass, and the bats have been replaced with Swoopers.

MKDS Banshee Boardwalk

Mario Kart DS version.

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