Bandy Andy is a character in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a Big Bandit that fights at the Glitz Pit and is leader of his team, the Hand-It-Overs.


Bandy Andy is not usually in the locker room, as he is more interested in the rumors about the Glitz Pit rather than the fighting. At a certain point during chapter 3, Mario can talk to Bandy Andy and learn about the Seven Wonders of the Glitz Pit. This later proves to be bad, as he walked in on Grubba while he was powering up. Grubba then took Bandy Andy and absorbed his power. He was then thrown under a block with King K. and was seen moaning when found. It was believed that he died, but after Grubba was defeated the power of the Crystal Star brought him back to life and healed him, along with King K., and former champion Prince Mush. He resumes the leadership of his team and goes on to fight again.

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