Bandana Reds are enemies that appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are sharks that wear red bandanas and they serve under the pirate Jonathan Jones in the Sunken Ship. Mario and friends had run into a group of Bandana Reds which they had to fight off before getting to Jonathan Jones. Stronger versions of Bandana Reds known as Bandana Blues are also seen but are only fought during the battle with Jonathan Jones.


In battle, Bandana Reds are only capable of physical attacks with their spears and Skewer. They are relatively weak in battle which is why they usually fight in groups.


Bandana Reds are weak against fire and thunder moves so Mario's Super Flame and Mallow's Thunderbolt are very effective. Since Bandana Reds usually fight in groups, it is recommended to use Mallow's Thunderbolt.

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