Banana Fairy Island (also known as Banana Fairy Kingdom) is a location that appears in Donkey Kong 64.


Banana Fairy Island is a small island with the main area resembling a giant fairy head.


Banana Fairy Island is located beside DK Isles and can mainly be accessed by Tiny Kong with her Mini-Monkey ability. Upon entering, Tiny can then talk with the Banana Fairy Princess who is crying about the Banana Fairies leaving due to King K. Rool's appearance. After Tiny agrees to help, the Banana Fairy Princess gives her a camera and film to capture the Banana Fairies in and a useful shockwave attack that can take out most enemies in a single hit. After retrieving all of the Banana Fairies, Tiny can come back here to a pleased Banana Fairy Princess who gives a Golden Banana as a reward.

There is also another Golden Banana behind the head locked behind a gate. Tiny must use her Feather Bow to unlock it.