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Bamboozle Village is a secret level in Wario Land: Shake It!. Wario can explore it by finding a secret map in Slipshod Slopes.


Bamboozle Village is an Asian-themed level, similarly to Mount Bighill. Unlike in Mount Bighill, however, the bamboo stalks and the mountain formations in the background are purple, and the sky and river are colored red. The level includes common enemies, such as Boomdineros and Peek-a-booms. The "Golden Enemy" of the level is a golden Bandinero. Upon finding the caged Merfle, Wario will need to return to the beginning of the level within a time limit.

Peek-a-booms can prove pretty useful since Wario can use their bombs to blow through metal walls and platforms. Wooden posts also return here, and Wario would need to use a Dash Attack to move them. However, there are some that feature dangerous spikes. Springs are also featured here; they allow Wario to reach really high places.


  1. Finish within 1:30 seconds
  2. Beat the level without taking damage
  3. Collect 70,000 coins
  4. Defeat the golden enemy
  5. Defeat 3 enemies with bombs
  6. Shake a Peek-a-boom
  7. Detonate 5 bombs at the same time


  • It is possible for the player to collect all treasures and complete all missions in one try.

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