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Balloon World (called Luigi's Balloon World in the Nintendo Mini Direct trailer) is a minigame which was added in Super Mario Odyssey in an update on February 21, 2018. To start the minigame, the player has to talk to Luigi in any of the kingdoms (with the exception of the Cloud Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Dark Side and Darker Side) after finishing the main story to begin. This is Luigi's only appearance other than the Luigi outfit.


There are two different modes in the minigame. "Find It" mode, which the player has to try and find other players' balloons, with an arrow pointing towards the balloons' direction, as well as a meter increasing and decreasing depending on how far the player is, and "Hide It" mode, which the player has 30 seconds to hide a balloon for another player to find. Finding as many balloons as possible will result in the player's rank going higher and they will receive more coins.

The icons for the balloons depend on the player's Nintendo Switch profile icon (for example, if a user has an image of Mario as their profile icon, then their balloon will have an icon of Mario on).

The minigame also features a ranking system, which shows the statistics of the player, such as how many Coins they received and how many balloons they found in a row. The player's rank is represented by stars, which are awarded for each objective that is completed. Each time the player ranks up, they receive a sum of Coins; the higher rank they become, the more Coins are awarded. For every 10 stars collected, Luigi, will gain new balloons for his case. At first, he only has a red balloon, but at 10 stars, he gains a blue balloon. At 20, he gains a yellow balloon, at 30, he gains a green balloon, and at 40, he gains a purple balloon.

The weather will also change in some of the kingdoms when playing the minigame, or, sometimes, the sky colour, for example in Sand Kingdom when this is played the sky will change from bright to sunset.


Kingdom Starting point Setting
Cap Kingdom On top of Top-Hat Tower (No change)
Cascade Kingdom At the top of Fossil Falls Nighttime
Sand Kingdom On top of the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower Sunset
Wooded Kingdom On top of the Observation Deck Nighttime
Lake Kingdom Inside the Water Plaza in front of the Crazy Cap store Nighttime
Lost Kingdom On the east side of the Rocky Mountain Summit's base Daytime
Metro Kingdom At the New Donk City Hall Plaza Rainstorm
Snow Kingdom On the islet northeast of the kingdom Blizzard
Seaside Kingdom At the base of the Glass Tower Daytime
Luncheon Kingdom At the entrance to Peronza Plaza Clear sky
Bowser's Kingdom At the Inner Wall Cloudy
Moon Kingdom At Ringing-Bells Plateau (No change)
Mushroom Kingdom In front of the entrance to Peach's Castle Midday

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルーンファインド

Barūn Faindo

Balloon Find
Spanish Mundoglobo Balloon World
French Chasse aux ballons Balloon Hunt
Dutch Ballonnenjacht Balloon Hunt
German Ballonjagd Balloon Hunt
Italian Caccia ai palloncini Balloon Hunt
Russian Мир Шариков

Mir Sharikov

Balloon World
Chinese 发现气球 (Simplified)
發現氣球 (Traditional)

Fāxiàn qìqiú

Find the Balloon