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This article is about Mario Party minigame.You may be looking for the similarly titled minigame in Mario Party-e, Ballooon Burst!.

Balloon Burst, (called クッパふうせん Kuppa Fūsen in Japan), is a 4 player minigame appearing in the first Mario Party and a 2 vs. 2 in Mario Party 2.                                       .

This minigame is also featured as one of the possible ones in Mario Party on the Bowser Space. Whichever three lose have a range from ten to fifty of their coins lost. This minigame can also be purchased from the Mini-game House for 400 coins.


In this minigame, the player (or his/her teammate depending on the game) all have a Bowser balloon on which they must pump up quickly until popping their Bowser balloon. Their pumps may turn red, meaning all four (or teams) must be on hiatus for a moment and then return to pumping their Bowser balloons. This must be done in a thirty second time limit.


Mario Party

Game Rules Press the A Button and Z Button Buttons alternately to pump the Bowser Balloon until it bursts! You can also use B Button instead of Z Button.
Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) Alternate pressing A Button and Z Button to blow up the Bowser Balloon. Be the first to burst your balloon to clear the game.
Game Rules (Bowser) Everyone wants to be Number One! If you're not Number One your Coins will get taken!
  • A Button - Push down pump
  • B Button or Z Button - Pull up pump
Advice When the pump flashes, it is full of air. When it's full, you can pump lots of air into the balloon.