Backtrack is the final board in Duel Mode in the game Mario Party 3.


From a distance, the board of Backtrack is shaped like a star. On this board, players must navigate either forward or in reverse on this board. There are special spaces that not only changes the direction that the players must go, but also the order of their partners. The Bellhop is located on the bottom of the board. Even given the last board of Duel Mode, Backtrack is arguably the smallest board in Mario Party 3.

Story Mode

In Story Mode, the player must duel Daisy on this board.


  • Backtrack is one of two boards that must be unlocked before playing it in Mario Party 3. The other being the Party Mode board Waluigi's Island.
  • Backtrack is the only board in this game during Story Mode where it has a different type of music played.