The Back Cursya (モドルノロイ Back Curse?) is a rare enemy that appears in Super Paper Mario. The player will return to Flipside if he/she touches the Cursya.


Back Cursya is a grey Cursya that only appears in Super Paper Mario.

The Four Heroes of Light (Mario, Peach, Bowser Luigi) can find Back Cursyas at The Bitlands and Downtown of Crag. If the Back Cursya touches the victim, he/she will return to Flipside. If the player touches the enemy, he/she will return to Flipside. The player can defeat the enemy while he/she is not touching the enemy. Upon its defeat, the Cursya will drop a Poison Shroom or Catch Card.

This is the only Cursya type that does not appear in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials or to have a dark variant. This is likely because leaving the trials in any way will reset your progress, meaning that getting hit by it would cause you to start all over again.

Catch Card

The player summon the Catch Card/SP to capture the Back Cursya. The player can buy the Catch Card in the Card shop. The player can buy Map 18 from Flamm. Fleep can obscure the Catch Card's said location from the map.

Game data

Back Cursya
BackCursyaCard.png HP 1 ATK 1
Item drop
Poison Shroom SPM.pngPoison Shroom
Catch Card.pngCatch Card
The Bitlands (3-1)
Downtown of Crag (5-1)
That's a Back Cursya. It is a vile monster that curses everything it touches… Max HP is 1 and Attack is 1. It will send you back to where you came from… In our case, one touch, and we would be sent straight back to Flipside…

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